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Debbie Saar

Born in the 60's, has one daughter and lives in the heart of Tel-Aviv (Israel). d

Saar participates in poetry festivals and reads her
poems on diverse stages. Her
 poems were translated to English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian and even Yiddish, and are being published at literary magazines, newspapers, anthologies, poetry exhibitions, radio and on the Television. d

Saar was awarded the Prime Minister's Prize for Hebrew Writers
for her poetry book Stitching Words Toferet Milim. In their citation, Judges said her poetry is "relevant, clear, sharp and not compromising in it's wealth of language. Saar has a sensitive ear and excellent control of the poetic medium. Her poems are rich in allusions, references, and word-games. Saar is a humorous, critical but non-destructive poet who knows how to wink ironically, delicately handle painful issues and have a continous conversation with the reader." d


,My feelings are my MOTUS ANIMA and like most people"
".I love to
love and be loved


דבי סער - תופרת מילים


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